Serving Teams

For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Find Your Niche At LifeBridge

Get in on the action!! One of the best ways to meet new people, discover your purpose and become a part of the mission of LifeBridge is to join a serving team. We have all kinds of teams for all kinds of people. Whatever your skills, experiences, passions and availability, there is something for you. Below is a brief description of the role and mission of each team.

Bridge Kids

Our kids are our future right? But even more importantly, they are precious little lives making big decisions about life right now. The most important decision for ANYONE is, “How will I relate to God?” In Bridge Kids, team members get the opportunity to love and encourage children and introduce them to Jesus. There are all kinds of opportunities including upfront teaching, small group leading, nursery and preschool support and more. 

Guest Services

When someone visits a church, their number one concern is, “How will I be treated? Will I be accepted? What will I feel like while I am there? We want people to know before they even walk through our doors that God loves them dearly. We demonstrate that by showing them that we love them – and we are glad they have joined us for a time. At LifeBridge people are not visitors. They are guests. You can be part of a passionate and highly trained team of people that take care of our guests – first-timers and regulars alike. You can help people feel the love of God and prepare to experience His presence. 

Worship Team

It takes effort to transition from the craziness of everyday life and prepare to worship God with others. Our worship team leads us into the presence of God in the public worship service. If God has gifted you with musical or other talents used to lead people, then maybe the Worship Team is the place for you. 


We live in a high tech world. In any large group environment, sound, lighting and video prompting become the mediums through which the moment is experienced. The environment requires all these features. When done poorly, all of these things can become a distraction to the participants. When done with a high level of excellence, they seamlessly bring attendees into the experience to have an inspiring encounter with the Living God.     


Teens need loving adults to encourage, challenge and lead them. They also need to gather with peers who are on the same path of exploration for life’s answers. At youth group, young people find an exciting place where mentors and peers come together to provide a space to explore faith in Jesus and grow as emerging men and women.   

Admin (Urgent Need!)

Communication is the key to any organizations growth and development. The admin team at LifeBridge becomes the place where communication comes together under systems and processes designed to help groups, teams and individuals within the church achieve success. This happens through the day to day operation of the church office and its duties. 

Marketing / Graphic Design

LifeBridge is not intended to be the best-kept secret. We hope it becomes a highly enjoyed Kingdom movement within our community and around the world. Casting vision and expanding our reach happens with every piece of communication. People with skill in these areas can become the trumpets sound that echoes throughout the South Haven area as we embrace our community and invite them to become part of this Life-giving movement. 

The Living Room

In the very beginning of LifeBridge, we felt God calling us to have a life-giving presence in the very center of our community. Church isn’t an event. The Church is a movement intended to engage our world. The Living Room provides a beautiful environment for people to hang out or gather. Our volunteer team brings the presence of God to bear on the environment by praying over the space and becoming the hands, feet, voice and often embrace of Jesus to all who enter. 

Missions / GO Team

We cannot reach this world alone. We realize that God has called and gifted wonderful people and organizations to fulfill the same mission, but with the tooling to reach people we could never reach. We work hard to partner with these people so together we can reach the world. Our GO Team builds the bridge between our congregation and our mission partners so ALL of us can be part of the great commission. 

Join a Five Star Team

Here at Lifebridge, we want you to step in to all God has to offer. We are committed to wholeheartedly serving not only eachother, but our surrounding communities and missions around the globe.

Want to be a part of something bigger than yourself?
Join one of our amazing teams today.

Prayer Team

More than smiles and words of encouragement, people need our prayers. We don’t save anyone. We can’t heal a heart or a body. We can’t enlighten a soul. But God can…and He does. We assemble prayer warriors to lift up the needs of our community, church and our people. It is this “work” that is probably the most important work we can do for our people and unto our God.