HOW TO: Review Your Giving Records

Reviewing your giving records in Church Community Builder (CCB) is easy, as long as you have a CCB user account. (If you don't have a CCB account,  click here to request one)

Once you are logged into your CCB user account, choose the GIVE option on the sidebar menu.
The GIVE page will display all of your individual (or family) giving history and the ability to create a GIVING STATEMENT.
You will also be able to review your involvement with current or past PLEDGE campaigns and create a PLEDGE STATEMENT as well.
To create a GIVING STATEMENT, click on the black box that says GIVING  (or PLEDGE) STATEMENT

Options for Your Giving Statement
  1. Choose if you'd like a Giving Statement just for yourself or for your whole family.
  2. Select a date range for the gifts that should be included.
  3. Choose if you'd like only tax-deductible gifts, only non-deductible transactions, or both to be included.
  4. Choose if you'd like pledge information to be included.
  5. Click Run Report.

 Reading a Giving Statement

  1. A list of all transactions found within the date range set, including:
    • The date for the transaction.
    • The type of transaction (check, cash, online, or other) and check #.
    • Any notes about the transaction.
    • Chart of Account (COA) fund the transaction was applied to.
    • Amount of the gift.
    • Tax-deductible (TD)  status of a transaction.
  2. Dates will include the range used for the statement and the actual date the statement was created.
  3. Unique identification number.
  4. The Tax Deductible section summarizes the transactions into totals by COA fund.
    • The non-deductible transactions are split out into a separate category, if both tax-deductible and non-deductible transactions are included, and are totaled separately.
  5. If included, a Pledges Summary will report on the progress of your pledges for any current Pledge Campaigns.
  6. Name and address of organization receiving the gifts.
  7. Your Full name and address.

Other ways to use CCB:
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Questions or need additional help?  Contact the office or email [email protected]