Life At The Bridge 6-10-21

The parables of Jesus were so simple they can be used in a child’s Sunday School class to teach important life lessons, yet profound enough to challenge the most educated theologian in the deep spiritual nuances of God’s Kingdom.

This week we will look at one such story. Jesus was approached by an expert in the law (a most educated theologian) with a question designed to trap Him and undermine the integrity of His teaching. But the one minute story Jesus told in response was so packed with insight that it stopped this man in His tracks. Does Jesus’ teaching ever stop you in your tracks? Does His teaching probe the depths of our understanding of God and adjust your view of Him at the core? Maybe when we only take a minute to read the story, we miss the rich nutrients it holds. Join us this week as we unpack Jesus’ story about an unlikely hero, and allow it to deepen our view of God, ourselves and those around us.

If you want to prepare for Sunday, read Luke 10:25-37. Be sure to reach out to someone you haven’t seen at LifeBridge in a while...or ever, and bring them with you to worship with us in person or online at 9:00am or 11:00am on Sunday.

It's back! The Father's Day car show is back! Cars, root beer and bacon - and of course great worship, fellowship and a powerful message from God's Word. This day is sure to be a hit with the men in your life, so think of someone you want to invite...and invite them to come to church with you on June 20th as soon as possible.

Save the date! We are excited to be able to once again start our MUSIC NIGHTS! Our first night kicks off this Saturday, June 19th from 6-8pm.  We will be featuring Ugandan Jazz Guitarist Ivan Akansiima for our first night of the year.

It's time for The Living Room to bring in some volunteers again! This would be a set 3-4 hour shift one day per week. You would have the opportunity of praying with people as well as taking orders & doing dishes when needed. We would love to have you be a part of our team! Please contact Diane at [email protected] for available days and times.

The Living Room is also extending their hours for summer!  Starting on Monday, June 14th, hours will be 8am-6pm from Monday through Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturdays.

We, as a COVID task force, continue to move our church back toward where we were before COVID.

We have made the following changes...
We have added seats to the auditorium. The outside sections have a few additional rows. The spacing between those rows is less.

(At this time, the front 4 rows, in the middle sections still have 6 feet between them.) Having done that, you can decide if you are more comfortable with that larger space between rows and we are able to make more seating available for our returning guests.
We will make those yellow space savers available but not be physically placing them between family groups. If you want that “physical “ spacer, the cards will be available at each door, as you enter the auditorium. We will also continue to disinfect between services.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Prayer is the engine behind the power and passion of a church that is on fire. Join with us at 8am Saturday morning to do the important work of seeking God in preparation for this next season of growth.
Sundays online Worship info:

9:01and 11:01am - Worship Experience live streamed or on demand (any time) on Facebook, Youtube and our Website.

Kids! Look for Bridge Kids LIVE at the BK Facebook page.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Feel free to check in by filling out a connection card any time. Let us know how you are doing and if there is any way we can serve you.