Life At The Bridge 6-3-21

That’s not fair!! This favorite phrase from our childhood shows that all of us are driven by this innate sense of fairness. Yet, if there is anything we know about life, it’s simply that life is not fair. And we have no indication that it ever will be. So if we all know this, why are we still so insistent on achieving some level of fairness in all kinds of arenas? It’s like an itch we can never quite scratch, but we keep trying anyway.

Jesus understood this itch and shared a story with His listeners to help them understand what to do with it. Maybe that itch is there to teach us something very important about the character of God and how things work differently in His Kingdom. Understanding this can help us learn how to deal better with life here and prepare us for our future “there”.
If you want to prepare for Sunday, read Matthew 20:1-16. Then grab a friend and meet us in person or online at 9:00am or 11:00am on Sunday.

High School graduation is right around the corner! If you know of a graduate connected to LifeBridge, send their information our way. This Sunday we are going to honor our graduates in the service with a special gift and we don't want them to miss out! If you have a graduate in your family, please email Mallory at [email protected] and send a picture of your graduate, along with their name and high school that they are graduating from so that we can be sure to include them!

Save a LIFE! Give the gift of blood. Versiti Blood Center of Michigan will be at LifeBridge this coming Tuesday, June 8th, from 12p-6pm.  The number of time slots are limited so Click here to register or call  866-642-5663.

It's back! The Father's Day car show is back! Cars, root beer and bacon - and of course great worship, fellowship and a powerful message from God's Word. This day is sure to be a hit with the men in your life, so think of someone you want to invite...and invite them to come to church with you on June 20th as soon as possible.

Save the date! We are excited to be able to once again start our MUSIC NIGHTS! Our first night kicks off on Saturday, June 19 from 6-8pm.  For our first night, we are featuring Ugandan Jazz Guitarist Ivan Akansiima.
It's sure to be a night full of great music and fellowship! Hope to see you there!

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Prayer is the engine behind the power and passion of a church that is on fire. Join with us at 8am Saturday morning to do the important work of seeking God in preparation for this next season of growth.
Sundays online Worship info:

9:01and 11:01am - Worship Experience live streamed or on demand (any time) on Facebook, Youtube and our Website.

Kids! Look for Bridge Kids LIVE at the BK Facebook page.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Feel free to check in by filling out a connection card any time. Let us know how you are doing and if there is any way we can serve you.