Life At The Bridge 4-1-21

Keys are often overlooked for their simplicity, but they are so powerful. Without them we don’t have the access we need to some of the most important things in our lives. This last Sunday we looked at the first of two keys to the Christian faith. If you missed The Blood-stained Cross, click here to view that now.

As vital as the message of the cross is, it can’t stand alone.  And praise God it doesn’t. The greatest moment in history is when Jesus proved once and for all that He was who He said He was and could do what He said He could do. God is NOT dead, nor has He abandoned us. He has opened the door to a relationship with Him through the death AND resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is this hope (noun, not a verb) that ignited the church and has fueled its passion ever since. We dare not miss this key.

Without either of these keys, the whole thing falls apart, but because of them, it makes the story of Jesus the most compelling answer to our questions about life, death and eternity. Please come and celebrate Easter at LifeBridge with us this Sunday at 9:01 or 11:01am, online or in person. And don’t come alone. Bring someone with you to experience the best story ever told.

This Saturday there's a crew getting together at 9:30am to do some basic landscaping and groundskeeping around the outside of the church. There's a lot to do from spreading mulch, to cutting wood.  If landscaping is your thing, this is a great way to get involved at the church and help make things look really great around the building- and just in time for Easter! You can reach out to Terry Roose for any additional information - 419-508-3551

Be a part of the XO Marriage Conference at LifeBridge Church. This is a TWO-DAY EVENT!! Conference begins on Friday, April 23rd from 6pm until 9pm and resumes on Saturday, April 24th from 9am until 4pm. Cost is $35 per person.

You’ll hear from Christian marriage expert Jimmy Evans, Dave and Ashley Willis, and many other leading speakers about the secrets to a healthy, thriving marriage. At XO, you can expect dynamic teachings, worship, and an inspiring environment that will help you and your spouse escape the ordinary and build a strong marriage.

Register today and be inspired to live out your marriage the way God designed.

Save a LIFE! Give the gift of blood. Versiti Blood Center of Michigan will be at LifeBridge on April 13th from 12p-6pm.  The number of time slots are limited so Click here to register or call  866-642-5663.  COVID-19 Antibody results are also available if you give blood.

Do you love Jesus? People? Coffee? Right now, The Living Room is hiring! We are looking for someone who loves to serve people through making coffee, is great at hospitality, and has a knack for coordinating ministry opportunities through LifeBridge in the unique environment of the coffee shop. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact Pastor Justin at [email protected].

High school and Middle School youth groups have off on April 7th for Spring Break...see you again on April 14th!
Sundays online Worship info:

9:01and 11:01am - Worship Experience live streamed or on demand (any time) on Facebook, Youtube and our Website.

Kids! Look for Bridge Kids LIVE at the BK Facebook page.
 Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Feel free to check in by filling out a connection card any time. Let us know how you are doing and if there is any way we can serve you.