Life At The Bridge 1-28-20

Speaking of temples...there’s this story recorded in three of the Gospels that shows a different side of Jesus. He seems to come unhinged on one of His visits to the temple in Jerusalem. He literally makes a whip out of cords and begins driving people from the temple area. What in the world could have set Him off like this? What is it that could have been so disturbing to Jesus? Is there anything about how we maintain our "temple courts" that we could compare to this scenario? This Sunday we’re gonna dig in and explore those questions in person at 9:01 and 11:01am. Be prepared to take a walk around your temple courts.

We will also continue to stream our services live. Scroll down for links to find us online. To get a head start for this Sunday you can read John 2:13-22 and I Corinthians 3:10-16.

Please be aware that since the local COVID risk is still relatively high, both services will be masks required. You are NOT required to use the Save Your Seat system, but if you want to be notified in the case of a known exposure, feel free to register through the system here. Our task force will continue to monitor the situation and remove restrictions as appropriate.

Click here to meet Rob Beattie from New York who has come to help us manage the renovation part of this project.

This Sunday, January 31, you are invited to a vision tour at 1pm to walk the building, see the drawings and hear the plans. If you are interested in being part of our volunteer team for the Preparing for Spring renovation projects, email [email protected] and he will put you on the list to be contacted when he begins organizing work days.  

You can also help us fund this project. Access our super easy giving portal at

Here at LifeBridge we believe that LifeGroups are one of the most practical ways to live out our faith. In a LifeGroup we have the opportunity to meet with the people around us to learn more about God, support each other, and reach out to those outside the church in a practical and meaningful way. We would love for everyone at LifeBridge to be part of a LifeGroup so we have many different options at different dates and times. Check out and sign up for one HERE! If you have any questions or want more information you can contact us at: [email protected].

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Prayer is the engine behind the power and passion of a church that is on fire. Join with us at 8am Saturday morning to do the important work of seeking God in preparation for this next season of growth. 
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