LifeBridge Church - Regathering Update

The Task Force has spoken. After consulting with some of our health care professionals and team leaders, we are ready AND EXCITED to regather again for public worship at LifeBridge this Sunday, January 10. We will gather for in-person worship at 9:01 and 11:01am AND continue to livestream each of those services for those who are not ready to return quite yet.

There has been a decline in local COVID cases, but the risk level is still fairly high. So, we invite you to join us considering the following guidelines:

The Save Your Seat registration system will be VOLUNTARY. Some of you would appreciate being contacted if we become aware of a COVID exposure while you are at church. It is our understanding that for many, the hassles associated with that system outweigh their concern for being notified. If you would like to be notified in the event of a potential  exposure you may use the Save Your Seat system and we will notify you. Since it is now voluntary, we will no longer be asking if you have registered when you arrive.

Bridge Kids will be available during the 11:01am service only. We hope to expand our kids ministry to 9:01 as more of our volunteer team becomes available again.

Both the 9:01 AND 11:01 services will be mask-required. If you come, please know that we believe this is a valid means for reducing risk and whether you agree or not, we ask you to respect our decision.

For those of you who struggle with wearing the masks, remember that if someone arrives expecting that face coverings will be used and people remove their masks, this may become a huge distraction to them as they feel endangered by the droplets being spewed from mouths unhindered by a face covering. This will make it difficult for them to worship freely and may even feel like a breach of trust that will hinder them from returning. We hope that you can respect the concerns of others and the requests of church leadership. If wearing a mask is just too difficult for you, it might be best for you to wait until we remove that restriction to return.

On the other hand, please understand that if someone does refuse to keep their mask in place, we will not police the situation. If someone else removes their mask and this will be traumatizing for you, you may choose to wait until the situation feels safer to you before you join us in person again. I would like to think everyone will respect our leadership in this matter, but I cannot make any guarantees.

As the situation improves, we hope to continue removing restrictions and even adding things like coffee and cookies. All we can do is ask you to trust the leadership  as we do our best to provide for all the needs of our church family and community. We know this is a controversial issue and that it would be nice to come to a perfect solution, but I think we have all learned through this season that perfect solutions don’t always exist. Please be patient with our team as we work hard to make the best possible decisions for the welfare and safety of our people.  

I look forward to seeing many of our church family as we regather this Sunday. For those who are not ready to return, please know you are deeply loved and we genuinely respect your concerns. We will be eager to see you again when you are ready to return. Until then, peace and blessings!