Letter To The Church

With COVID cases rising sharply (in the public and among hospital staff) and hospitals reaching capacity, the number of people needing care threatens to eclipse the number of people able to give care very soon. We have consulted frontline professionals and have concluded it does not seem wise at this time to continue gathering 100 or more people in a single room. Out of love for our community, we refuse to be part of an ever increasing threat to public safety.

We have returned to ONLINE-ONLY worship experiences for the next three Sundays (11/29, 12/06 and 12/13). We hope and plan to return to LIVE experiences on Sunday, December 20, but that, of course, will depend on many factors.

Let me be clear, LifeBridge is NOT CLOSED!! Our leadership team is working as hard as ever to continue to serve you and our community. We need you in it with us. The building and a Sunday morning program are not the essence of our Church. You are! Christ in us, His people, is the essence of the church. The church is only closed if we allow the enemy to discourage us. We must be more OPEN than ever. So I invite and encourage all of you to join us in the following:

  • PRAY MORE: Pray for those around you. Pray for the Gospel to change lives. Pray for yourself and all of us that we will be more in tune with God’s Spirit than ever! Connect with God in this time of disconnection through prayer and reading His Word. Here are a few scriptures to get you started: Ephesians 6:10-18, Psalm 23 and 91, II Timothy 1:6-12. Pray for those who are dealing with COVID and its diverse affects.  

  • GET CREATIVE: As with any societal change, those who remain nimble and discover new ways to accomplish their mission will thrive while those who hang their heads and say, “we can’t...” die. How is God calling YOU to reach your friends and family with His love right now? Ask HIM, then do what HE tells you. 

  • LEAN IN: It’s easy to pout and say, “I don’t like watching Church online and I don’t like Zoom/video conferencing.” Throughout the ages, the Church of Jesus has been the most resilient movement because the people of God had GRIT! You and I are here today because of people that had grit - who did things they didn’t like in ways they didn’t like because THE MISSION WAS THAT IMPORTANT! Jesus didn’t call us to comfort. He called us to “deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.” Let’s not get weak and weary now.

  • REACH OUT: Call and message people and speak life. While the enemy seems to have recruited an army of people to speak death right now, we have the heart, mind and words of Jesus to speak life. While the world is following their primal instincts to division and discord, the people of God must promote love and unity like never before. Don’t try to win the world en masse with zinger FB posts. Instead, make single, powerful phone calls and have life-giving conversations. We can still meet even when we cannot gather.

  • KEEP WORSHIPING: Don’t forget, worship is an interaction between YOU and GOD. LifeBridge offers services and programs to help encourage and facilitate that, but we all can and should worship God in spirit and truth with every aspect of our lives, every day of our lives. On Sundays, get up on time, eat some breakfast, brush your teeth, put on your church clothes, put aside distractions and prepare your hearts and minds to meet with God! Be alert! Don’t give Him a lazy, smelly, half-asleep sacrifice. Bring your best to Him - just like you would if you were coming to church, then join us online for church. Start a watch party and invite all your friends. Start a house party and invite a FEW of your friends. During the week, commit to daily, personal times of worship. First15 is a great tool to help with that. 

The way we redirect our time, our energies and our attitudes right now will directly affect how we come through this. The New Testament writers tell us over and over, “He who stands firm to the end will be saved.” We are standing firm here for you. We are asking you to stand firm with us.  

Now listen, someday we will get beyond this. This will not last forever - just like the Spanish flu ended and everyone was able to get on with life. It’s like winter. The winter season seems to be cold, dead and worthless. But the trees that explode with life in the spring are hard at work during the winter. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and below the surface. When “spring” comes and the masks come off...will we be ready? I believe a powerful “Spring-time” is coming. Many won’t survive this “winter”. But those who do, and those who prepare will get to experience the joy of spring. I want us, as a church family, to be there together - experiencing the abundance of God’s blessing.  

I love you. We miss you. We look forward to seeing you soon. Don’t forget, in Christ, our best days are ahead. Peace and blessings.

Sunday online options: Facebook, Youtube and our Website.

If you need to contact us during the week, call our office number: 269-872-3464