Life At The Bridge 11-27-20

Last Sunday we announced that out of LOVE for you and our community, we felt it was best for us to return to ONLINE-ONLY worship experiences for the next three Sundays (11/29, 12/06 and 12/13). We hope and plan to return to LIVE experiences on Sunday, December 20, but that, of course, will depend on many factors.

This does NOT mean LifeBridge is closed. Our leadership team is working as hard as ever to continue to serve you and our community.  Keep your eyes open for another email later today with a challenge for how to respond to these difficult times. If you have questions or need anything during this time, please reply to this email or call the church office (269-364-8456).

Scroll down for links to find our services online this Sunday.

It’s natural to wonder if God really wants us to be prosperous. Does He really care if we are wealthy or healthy? And what is His measure of our prosperity? Do health and wealth even have much to do with it? Some have even wondered if pain and persecution are actually some kind of crucible to test our faith and commitment and that “prosperity” in worldly terms is to be avoided as it will skew the results. To make it more confusing we see in the scriptures where God blessed many of the faithful in very tangible ways while the story was the opposite for many others who were celebrated as just as faithful.

It’s also natural to wonder why God would want us to be prosperous. Does He seek to reward us for faithfulness, make His kids look good so everyone will want to be one, or does He have some kind of obligation to tangibly bless those who put their trust in Him?  At the end of the day, the why informs us of His heart, but also gives us insights into His divine will for us. So join us this Sunday for the final message in this series with guest speaker Mitch Kuhn, as we seek to explore answers to these questions and more.

If you would like to read in preparation for Sunday, take a look at James 4:13-17, Matthew 6:33, Acts 1:8, Jeremiah 29:7, Malachi 3:8-10 and II Corinthians 8:9.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Prayer is the engine behind the power and passion of a church that is on fire. We will NOT be pausing our weekly Saturday morning prayer meeting. Please plan to wear a face covering and distance, but we will meet at the church at 8am Saturday morning to do the important work of seeking God through these uncertain times.
Sundays Worship info:

9:01and 11:01am - Worship Experience live streamed or on demand (any time) on Facebook, Youtube and our Website.

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Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. 

Feel free to check in by filling out a connection card any time. Let us know how you are doing and if there is any way we can serve you.

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