Life At The Bridge 8-12-20

This Sunday - A big Mann with a big heart, who always brings a big message. Bruce Mann is a favorite at LifeBridge and will be our guest speaker this weekend. He really knows how to challenge the status quo and encourage God’s people to take steps to grow in their faith. We hope you will join us in person or online and invite a friend to as well.

The 9:01 service will be a “Masks Required” service. If you are here during that service, you will be expected to keep a face covering on.

The 11:01 service will be a “Masks Recommended” service - still important for the wellbeing of our people, but we will be a little more lenient about wearing them at all times especially for those with medical conditions that make wearing a mask more difficult. Please remember that a face covering is not just for you out of interest for your own safety. It is a sacrifice all of us are making out of love and concern for one another and as an added layer of protection for our ability to continue to meet at all. Sacrifice isn’t sacrifice at all if we simply do something when it is easy or convenient. Let’s all do our part to decrease the risk.

No matter which service you choose, don’t forget to click here to Save Your Seat. You will need to make a reservation for everyone attending, even children. And if you are not ready to return yet, you can continue to catch the service LIVE online at 9:01am on any of our online venues listed below.
Please click here to visit the page on our website with all the info you need about what to expect as we prepare to gather together again for public worship. This page will be updated periodically as more information is available.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Calling all HS Guys! On Teen Guys: Friday, 8/21 from 7-10pm we will be hanging out at Rocket Arcade in South Haven. We will have the arcade to ourselves and pizza, snacks, and drinks will be provided. This is a FREE event, but space is limited, so those that wish to attend to MUST RSVP to Barrett (616-886-5099) by 8/19. Please plan on dropping off/picking up directly at the arcade, but if you do need a ride, please let Barrett know and we will get it coordinated.

I want to thank our Elders and Trustees for their commitment to leading and keeping our congregation informed. Thanks to all of you who showed your interest in and support for the church by attending. We know that many others were unable to attend for one reason or another so we recorded both events. If you missed the first Family Chat, or wanted to see the content again, please click here to watch the August 3rd recording. Click here to watch the meeting from last night, August 12. The main difference is that Travis Rea from Water’s Edge spoke on Monday the 3rd and Craig Rees shared more content on the 12th. If you already saw the Elder and Trustee announcements, you can skip to 09:54 to see the Water’s Edge presentation in the second video.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: For us, prayer is not just some rudimentary exercise we engage because it is the right thing to do. The scriptures speak often of God’s desire for His people to seek Him, trust Him, and look to Him for help and direction. We are in the process of making some huge decisions here at LifeBridge and I invite you to gather with us to seek God’s favor, wisdom and direction for the future of our church. Meet us at the church Saturday mornings at 8am.

Hey Bridge Kids families, Our BK team is so excited to be able to lead and encourage our youngest Lifers in person again. Bridge Kids is available during the 11:01 service. We hope to offer Bridge Kids during both services soon, but we just don’t have the staff team to cover both services right now. If you are not already on a serving team, consider investing your time and talents in these beautiful little lives by joining our team. With our two-service format, you can serve one and attend one. To initiate a conversation about serving, please email [email protected]
Women in Church Leadership: There are a few topics in “Church world” that are very controversial. Ok, there are lots of them. One of them is the role of women in leadership. This issue has been raised a few times recently so this may be a good time to address it. We have LOTS of new people who are part of LifeBridge since I presented this message in 2016 and sometimes we need a refresher, or we need to bring it up again for those who haven’t seen it. In this message I explain where I believe the Bible stands on this issue and therefore where I believe we as a church need to stand. Click here to view the message in its entirety.