Life At The Bridge 7-17-20

Everyone wants world peace, right? But it seems like we are having trouble agreeing on ways to achieve it. If anyone should be speaking into the cultural challenges facing our world, it should be those who know the Prince of Peace.

Last week Jason Perry brought a powerful message, helping us to understand these issues through the lens of An Unpainted Gospel. Unfortunately, we as people (red and yellow, black and white, rich, poor, republicans and democrats, X-ers and Millennials and all the variations in between) have a tendency to put a coat of “paint” over the Gospel according to our own ideals and perspectives. And over time, our coats plus all the others added by the people we encounter give us a distorted view of truth. But strip away the layers and we see the heart of God in the person of Jesus. Click here if you missed that service last week. I also had a long Midweek Live conversation with Jason where we just talked candidly about these issues. You can find that here.

This Sunday, we will wrap up this series of messages as we hear a message from Troy Evans, pastor of The Edge Church in Grand Rapids. He brings a very “edgy” but important and passionate message we all need to hear. It starts out pretty tough, but I encourage you to hang in there and ask God to speak to you through it.

We hope you will do more than just “watch” the service. Come to the LIVE experience with an attitude of worship and a heart full of expectation. Finish breakfast before it starts. Get dressed - nothing fancy. Turn off the other distractions. Gather everyone in the house and lean in. GOD WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU! God wants to move in you and in your home. Give Him the same attention you would if we were all together at the church building. Make it about Him and Him alone. Hope to see you this Sunday for LifeBridge LIVE at 10am at the following locations:

It is ALMOST time!! Please click here to visit the page on our website with all the info you need about what to expect as we prepare to gather together again for public worship. This page will be updated periodically as more information is available.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Hey Bridge Kids families, Our BK team is so excited to be able to lead and encourage our youngest Lifers in person again. Bridge Kids will be available when we reopen during the 11:01 service. We hope to offer Bridge Kids during both services soon, but we just don’t have the staff team to cover both services right now. If you are not already on a serving team, consider investing your time and talents in these beautiful little lives by joining our team. With our two-service format, you can serve one and attend one. To initiate a conversation about serving, please email [email protected].

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: We have had some great prayer times the last few weeks. We are facing so many challenges these days as people, as a church and as a country. Join with us to seek God together. And if you are craving connection, remember that being connected in prayer is one of the most important ways we can unite. Meet us at the church Saturday mornings at 8am.

It’s been a long time since we were all together and a lot has happened - and a lot is happening at LifeBridge. You may have heard tidbits here and there, but we want to make sure you get the whole scoop. We want to share some important information with our church family and we want to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Join us on Monday August 3rd or Wednesday August 12 at 6:30pm. Keep your eyes open for more details.