Life At The Bridge 7-10-2020

If ANYONE is going to speak into the issues of racial tension facing our nation, it must be the church. We are the hands and feet and mouthpiece of Jesus. He is the one who created us - all of us. He laid down His life for all of us. All of us will answer to Him one day for the way we have lived and treated one another. And most importantly, He loves every one of us as His dear children. If anyone has an answer to this mess, it is Jesus. And as His people, we must engage this issue in redemptive ways. That is a huge responsibility, but it is ours. The church surely doesn’t always get it right, but we have access to who and what is right. We cannot remain silent or ignorant.

So, this week we have a few ways for you to engage this conversation. A dear friend of mine has joined with me to provide a few important resources. First, Jason Perry and I recorded a conversation yesterday where I asked him (a black man) questions from my perspective as a white dude. I admit it was long, but worth the watch. You can watch it in chunks if you need to, but click here to find the conversation online.

Jason will also be our guest speaker at LifeBridge LIVE this Sunday. Unfortunately we were not able to get him to South Haven to record him on our stage, but this is a message he delivered just a few weeks ago and is so applicable for our times. I hope you will tune in to learn more about how we can view these racial challenges through the lens of the Gospel.

We hope you will do more than just “watch” the service. Come to the LIVE experience with an attitude of worship and a heart full of expectation. Finish breakfast before it starts. Get dressed - nothing fancy. Turn off the other distractions. Gather everyone in the house and lean in. GOD WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU! God wants to move in you and in your home. Give Him the same attention you would if we were all together at the church building. Make it about Him and Him alone. Hope to see you this Sunday for LifeBridge LIVE at 10am at the following locations:

Hey Bridge Kids families, Our BK team loves and misses our kids. And now they are offering an online program too. Tune in on Facebook or Youtube for the latest.  
In case you missed it, here is last week’s BK message.

The high schoolers are hitting the beach! With the current weather, we are going to pause the bonfires until fall. Join us TONIGHT, Friday, 7/10 from 6-9pm at North Beach for a night of fellowship, snacks, games, and swimming. Maybe a friendly competition or two - can the guys redeem themselves from last week's scavenger hunt or will the girls continue their winning streak?! Bring your friends and any beach gear you need. Please email [email protected] with questions or if your student needs a ride.

Plans are coming together! We are excited to be preparing to re-open our doors for Sunday worship. Please click here to watch a short video for more info. 
Worknight at the church: Tuesday July 14
Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Why does life seem SO CRAZY these days? Paul tells us in Ephesians 6 that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Wow!! If we really believe the scriptures, that explains what we are experiencing. It should send a chill up our spine and ignite in us a conviction to seek God’s presence and power.  We must be united in prayer against these forces if we ever hope to be victorious over them. As the church, we can’t be discouraged by having to wait for worship services. It STARTS with prayer! We have been accused of not opening for worship because of weak faith. I challenge you, if you have faith, start where it matters - before the Lord in prayer. Join us on Saturday mornings at 8am at the church.