Life At The Bridge 06-05-20

Man, it feels like the power of Hell has been unleashed in our nation and around the world these days. And it is. It feels like everywhere I turn people are losing their minds. Corona? Old news. There are more exciting plagues and disasters to cover now. The news outlets just turn out story after story giving the prince of death all kinds of glory.

But THANK God! We have a choice: We can listen to the voice of the proud mocker who says He is overcoming the world, or the voice of Jesus who has. Jesus has defeated the one foe with whom all the world must go toe to toe. As men and women shudder in  fear at impending destruction, Jesus stands tall as the one who defeated death itself. We have seen His mighty works, we have beheld His glory in our own lives. But as always, there is work to be done.

Even as the enemy unleashes death, the Spirit of God is UNLEASHED to bring LIFE to those who will receive Him. In the letter to the church in Galatia, Paul teaches the followers of Jesus how to choose life over death and see their lives filled with power. Join us this Sunday as we study Galatians 5:13-26. Read ahead in preparation and have your Bible ready on Sunday morning.

Please don’t just tune in and “watch” the service. Come to the LIVE experience with an attitude of worship and a heart full of expectation. Finish breakfast before it starts. Get dressed - nothing fancy. Turn off the other distractions. Gather everyone in the house and lean in. GOD WANTS TO SPEAK TO US! God wants to move in you and in your home. Give Him the same attention you would if we were all together at the church building. Make it about Him and Him alone. Hope to see you this Sunday for LifeBridge LIVE at 10am at the following locations:

Bridge Kids is now LIVE on Sunday mornings as well. The BK video experience will be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube by 9am on Sundays so your kids can engage before the LifeBridge LIVE experience, during (on a separate device) or after the rest of the family engages their experience. We are so thankful to Nate and Alicia Hutchins and Nathan Prong who have been working hard to continue serving our kids and their families. In case you missed it, here is last week’s BK message.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: This Saturday we will meet at Elkenburg Park and pray over that space in preparation for the protest that afternoon. Remember, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly realms. So why do we keep fighting back against flesh and blood? If you believe what the scriptures say, you will join us and fight the real battle in prayer. I WILL BE THERE this Saturday (at 8am) and hope you will come and pray with us - for our homes, our church, our community, our nation and our world. Bring a chair if you can and dress for the weather.

Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah! All high schoolers and incoming freshmen are invited to a bonfire on Friday, June 12th from 7-9pm at the Mills’ Home (08292 73rd St). S’mores, drinks, and yard games will be provided. If you have a lawn chair, please bring it. We will practice social distancing to the best of our ability. We cannot wait to see you, it’s been too long! Please email [email protected] with questions or if your student needs a ride.

Starting Monday, June 8, The Living Room will be OPEN Monday-Saturday 8am-3pm. Indoor seating will begin to open up with some restrictions. You can find more up to date info and follow The Living Room here.

LifeGroups: Faith is a journey. We want you to have people to walk with. If anyone is not connected and wants to get connected, contact us and we will help you find an online LifeGroup. Click here to get connected to a group.

Black Lives Matter event on Saturday: I have prepared a video to give my thoughts and perspective and an invitation to this event at 2:00pm in Elkenburg Park on Saturday, June 6. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I don’t think any of us do. Please accept this as my humble opinion on this matter. Click here to watch the video. And click here to find the event on Facebook.

Church App: GREAT NEWS! Our app is now available on Google Play in addition to the App Store for Apple/iOS users. AND, the app now offers quick and easy access to our Sunday LiveStream and as always can help you get connected to a LifeGroup. If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the LifeBridge Church app for easy access to all kinds of LifeBridge content and systems on your mobile.

Hey Church, we just want you to know that we LOVE and MISS you all. Our reopening task force is working on our plans to reopen and we will have new details for you in next week's Life At The Bridge. Until then, peace and blessings upon you all.
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