Life At The Bridge 05-15-2020

When we were gathering for worship on Sunday mornings, I often heard people talk about the presence of God in the room. It’s awesome that when we get together we can really feel the power and warmth of Holy Spirit among us. So what do we do when we can’t get together?

For the next five weeks we will study the first few chapters of the book of Acts. Many have explained the name of the book by saying the book is all about the “acts” of the apostles and the early church. But I think it would be just as valid to explain that it also recounts for us the “acts” of the Holy Spirit as He was UNLEASHED upon the early church.

I don’t think God wants the person or work of the Holy Spirit to be some strange mystery to us. I believe He wants us to know and understand the relationship He has for each one of us. Holy Spirit doesn’t just show up when the music is good and the lighting is set and everyone has gathered together in a spiritual rally. He wants to be present in each and every one of us all the time.

Please don’t just tune in and “watch” the service. Come to the LIVE experience with an attitude of worship and a heart full of expectation. Finish breakfast before it starts. Get dressed - nothing fancy. Turn off the other distractions. Gather everyone in the house and lean in. God wants to speak to you. God wants to move in you and in your home. Give Him the same attention you would if we were all together at the church building. Make it about Him and Him alone. Hope to see you this Sunday for LifeBridge LIVE at 10am on the following sites:

 LifeGroups: Faith is a journey. We want you to have people to walk with. If anyone is not connected and wants to get connected, contact us and we will help you find an online LifeGroup. Check out this video for more info or Click here to get connected to a group.

Eight O' Clock Encounter Prayer: This Saturday, we will meet for prayer in the parking lot at the church at 8:00am. We hope you can join us to pray for our community, our families, our church and our world.

When are we going to open our doors? Well, that is surely a complicated question. We can't answer that for you now, BUT we do have a task force working hard to get that all figured out. I know most of us are over this COVID thing and everyone is eager to be able to get back to normal. Wanna help us in the process? Click here to take a survey that will help us know if a house church step might be useful in our reopening strategy, and click here to watch the video put together by our reopening task force.