Life At The Bridge 04-23-2020

Last week we looked at Exodus 14 and stood in amazement at how God made a way for the Israelites when there seemed to be no way - and how He has often made a way for us too. We too can trust that He IS making a way for us. He has brought us through a lot, protected us from the virus, met our physical needs...but we’re not there yet. Which brings us back to that familiar question bouncing around in our heads, like the kids in the back seat whining, “Are we there yet?”

Is your patience beginning to wear thin? Are you wondering if the shelter-at-home order will be extended into May? Even if we are given our freedom, when will things REALLY return to “normal”? And of course, this virus isn’t the only crisis some of us are facing. You may have already been waiting for an answer when all of this broke loose.

So, what do we do when God keeps saying, “Wait for it…?” Join us online this Sunday at 10am in either location: Visit  to access our new, easy-to-use livestream platform. Or, start a watch party and invite your friends to worship with you at Every week we see our online audience growing. Thanks for being a part and remember - many people have new found availability, a new perspective and even a new interest in spiritual things. PLEASE take a few minutes to invite a friend to join us. It may save their life!

Let us know: We have worked hard to make sure we stay connected. One of the things we have done is to create a list of all our households and assign a leader to pray for and reach out to each individual or family. If you have not received a call from someone from LifeBridge, please let us know. I know it may seem a little awkward, but you matter to us. It could just be that we do not have a current phone number or email address. Let us know by sending us an email at [email protected].  We don't want ANYONE left out during this time.

Please also visit our website at any time during the week to fill out a Connection Card, Prayer Requests, or to support this ministry financially. You can click on any of those links to be redirected.

PRAYER - UNITE714: In addition to our Saturday morning Encounter, please join together with thousands of other believers to pray for a few minutes at 7:14am and 7:14pm each day. No worries if you miss a day here or there, but let’s set the alarm on our phone to call us to set aside a few minutes each morning and evening to pray II Chronicles 7:14 kinds of prayers.

Click here for more details on how hundreds of churches are rallying around this plan.  

Bridge Kids devotions: Do you know who God says is responsible for discipling kids? Their parents. For some, this can seem like a daunting task. As a church, we don’t want to hijack that role - we want to support you in it. We want you to experience the joy of leading your kids in their faith journey. Lifer Nathan Prong has done an amazing job of writing a daily family devotional for parents to read with their kids each day. Please feel free to take advantage of “40 Days with Jesus”.

You can find these devotionals at If you haven’t been doing this, scroll down and start with day one. Hey, Thanks again Nathan!

Looking for more opportunities to help: Contact Erika Morrison of We Care to learn more  about a Personal Care Item drive they are doing on May 1st.