Life At The Bridge 04-16-2020

What do you do when you are no longer THERE, but you haven’t arrived THERE yet either? Sometimes we feel like we are the middle. We’d love to either go back to what we knew or what was comfortable before, or get to where we are headed and settle into the “new normal”...whatever that might be. But for now we are stuck HERE. And we’re not even sure where “here” is.
The Israelites faced a similar situation. They were no longer in Egypt, in slavery, but where they at least had a home and food. But they also weren’t yet in Canaan. And to confuse matters more, they had an army bearing down on them. This Sunday, I want to invite you to step into this story with us to meet with God and allow Him to show us how to live in the HERE when we are neither THERE nor THERE. Sound confusing? Well, I hope we can clear it up on Sunday.  If you want to read ahead, you can read Exodus 14.

Join us online this Sunday at 10am in either location:
Visit  to access our new, easy-to-use livestream platform. Or, start a watch party and invite your friends to worship with you at

Oh, by the way, many of you are wondering about our Easter Offering! First, THANKS for your courageous generosity during this uncertain time. Click here to watch the video announcing the amount of the offering and how it will be spent.

We miss SEEING you! I miss being able to walk through our lobby on a Sunday and see all your beautiful faces. I’m sure we all miss that. I would like to compile a video montage we can all enjoy, but we need your pictures. Please take a quick pic of those you are in isolation with and send them to [email protected]. We are looking for close up, well lit, horizontal photos of our people living the rich and satisfying life - even through the hard times. Let us know how you are doing: Please visit our website at any time during the week to fill out a Connection Card, send us your Prayer Requests, or to support this ministry financially. You can click on any of those links to be redirected.

PRAYER - UNITE714: In addition to our Saturday morning Encounter, please join together with thousands of other believers to pray for a few minutes at 7:14am and 7:14pm each day. No worries if you miss a day here or there, but let’s set the alarm on our phone to call us to set aside a few minutes each morning and evening to pray II Chronicles 7:14 kinds of prayers. Click here for more details on how hundreds of churches are rallying around this plan.  

Bridge Kids devotions: Do you know who God says is responsible for discipling kids? Their parents. For some, this can seem like a daunting task. As a church, we don’t want to hijack that role - we want to support you in it. We want you to experience the joy of leading your kids in their faith journey. Lifer Nathan Prong has done an amazing job of writing a daily family devotional for parents to read with their kids each day. Please feel free to take advantage of “40 Days with Jesus”.
You can find these devotionals at If you haven’t been doing this, scroll down and start with day one. Hey, Thanks again Nathan!

Midweek LIVE is our attempt to give you practical insights and up to date information through interviews with people we know and respect. This week I got to spend some time with Mark and Debbie McGoldrick from NBS2GO who shared some insights for keeping your faith fresh and loving and serving our neighbors through this tough time. Click here to join this conversation.

This evening I was able to interview Kellie Hakken and Rich Watson, both licensed counselors who helped us understand the challenges of dealing with this crisis emotionally and what we can do for ourselves and those around us to navigate this time successfully. Join that conversation by clicking here.

Looking for more opportunities to help: We have received word of a food program designed to help senior citizens in Michigan get food during the current crisis. If you want to know more about how you can help, click here.