Life At The Bridge 03-26-2020

Some of us are beginning to understand that when in isolation, who you are with, is HUGE! What if we were in isolation with Jesus - “stuck” with Him in some difficult circumstances? For the next few weeks, we're going to enter in to some of the tough, uncomfortable times of Jesus ministry and sit there with Him for a spell. Let's see how He responded to tough times. We’ll take a moment to listen to Him and gain insights for how to respond like Him. Let’s learn the WAYs of Jesus.

Click here to learn how to host a watch party on Facebook. You can invite Lifers and not-yet Lifers to experience the Sunday Worship services with you. You never know who might accept your invitation and find themselves drawn to Jesus. Watch Parties create opportunities to connect for people that are craving connection right now.
Keep reading to catch up on what’s happening at LifeBridge.

HOPE Parent Resource Center Needs Diapers: Urgent need for Size 4 and 5 diapers. Please don’t make a special trip, but put some diapers in your cart/online order next time you shop. There is going to be a large gray bin under the canopy by the Pharmacy entrance on Tuesdays and Fridays for drop off between 9:00am - 7:00pm. It will be marked. Our address is 901 South Bailey Ave., South Haven. We also have PayPal on our Website: to donate toward the purchase of diapers without having to get them yourself.

PRAYER: We have been invited by Almighty God to present our concerns and requests to Him. There has never been a more urgent time in our lifetime to call out to God - in whom we find peace, comfort and power. Here are a few ideas for how we can unite in prayer:

Saturday Morning Encounter: Make a plan to spend one hour between 8am and noon to dedicate to prayer. Go to the beach (BY YOURSELF), drive around town and pray over our community, swing by the church and sit in the parking lot for a while and simply...pray. I will kick it off with a LifeBridge LIVE post on Facebook at 8am.

Sunday March 29th - Day of fasting and prayer: Join us this Sunday for a DAY of fasting and prayer. Choose a fast that is right for you and spend the day seeking God in prayer. This usually means choosing times throughout the day to return in prayer.

UNITE714: Our day of fasting and prayer on Sunday will kick off a season of prayer where we will pray together for a few minutes at 7:14am and 7:14pm each day. No worries if you miss a day here or there, but let’s set the alarm on our phone and set aside a few minutes each morning and evening to pray II Chronicles 7:14 kinds of prayers TOGETHER. Click here for more details on how hundreds of churches are rallying around this plan.  

The Living Room Cafe - Help Wanted: As we are preparing and are coming into the busy season we are looking to hire more staff for the Cafe ministry.  It would be for a season only with partime hours, up to 30hrs a week. We are looking for people who are committed to the mission/vision, who are reliable and enthusiastic. We are also looking for volunteers to dedicate 3 hours a week.
If you are interested please send your information to [email protected] We will be reviewing applications and possibly calling you for an interview.

Is our new  normal taking a toll on your marriage? Sometimes that’s a funny question. Sometimes not. I came across this resource and wanted to share it with you. It is assembled by the team that brings us the XO Marriage Conference. Click on here to download for free.

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