Life At The Bridge 03-16-2020 Monday

Happy Monday Lifers,

Rejoice! This is the day the Lord has made. Have you rejoiced yet? I know, with all the craziness going on around it is tempting to be too busy freaking out to worship. But God IS good, no matter how broken this world seems. And just keep this in mind, although OUR generation has experienced nothing like this before, previous generations have experienced circumstances FAR WORSE and prevailed. I hope our social lockdown procedures are truly wisdom drawn from the past that will help us stave off an outbreak. Time will tell.

Thanks to all of you who gathered with us online yesterday. I apologize that the livestream was not ready by 10am and that the video was not available on our website by noon. We truly thought we could accomplish both of those. There were some technical difficulties beyond our control and...a few lessons we learned the hard way in the process. We appreciate your patience knowing we had to throw ALL of that together in a matter of hours - not even days. We are prepared, however, to work on these systems this entire week and provide a more comprehensive worship experience in the coming weeks. You can finally catch yesterday's message by clicking here. You can also fill out a Connection Card here, and submit Praises and Prayer Requests here.

So here's the new reality - we have to figure out a whole new way to "do" church. The definition of church DOES NOT CHANGE during these times. Our commitment to extend the hope of a rich and satisfying life IN JESUS CHRIST to every person we encounter doesn't change. The way we encounter people does have to be adjusted.

Make no mistake - this is a test! The enemy is testing us. God is testing us. (You didn't know they sometimes work together did you.) The world is watching to see how the church responds during times like these. Are we just a superstitious, special interest group that gathers to stroke each other's egos as we engage rituals and recite dusty old legends that make us feel better about ourselves and our lives? (That is what much of the unchurched world thinks about us, by the way.) Or are we the Spirit led and Spirit filled body of Christ, the very hands and feet of Jesus with POWER to redeem a broken world? This current test will show us the truth.

So, how do we accomplish our mission in what is becoming, by necessity, an EVEN MORE virtual world? How do we love God and love our neighbor? How do we serve our fellow man? How do we share the Gospel when we can hardly meet anyone face to face? How do we worship God and grow in Him if we don't gather together to do so? These are great questions to grind out with God in prayer. "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you do ask, you must believe..." (James 1:7) In other words, sincerely ask Him and He will show you.

These are also questions our leadership team here are praying and working through. We are open to your suggestions, but are also chasing down fresh ideas on our own. Some of you have messaged us letting us know you want to help. Right now we are working on a plan to capture all those offers, as well as capture the needs of our congregation. Keep your eyes open as we will be giving you a formalized opportunity to communicate your needs and your abilities.

I am confident we will pass this test. But we cannot do this alone and isolated. Let's stay committed to gathering together, virtually, during this time. Keep your eyes open for communication intended to unite us for this purpose.

While life on this planet seems to be shutting down, now is the perfect reminder that God is the giver of life and His agenda hasn't changed. I got this exciting email from Jim Herrema this morning. Let's celebrate with their family:
Please let the Body at LifeBridge know that Hope & Suresh Vedhanayagam have a new daughter, Asha Kathleen, born Saturday, March 14. Asha is Hindi for "Hope", AND, she was born on Hope's birthday.  
Mother and child are well. Her full name will be Asha Kathleen Suresh Vedhanayagam. Try and fit that on a government form! This is our 17th grandchild :-) ( I know, I know, we are way too young for that).

Peace and Blessings LifeBridge Family. :)
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