Life At The Bridge 03-12-2020

Snowdays, power outages, crazy virus outbreaks...What do these all have in common? They are all unexpected “interruptions” to our full lives. The question is, what will we do with these interruptions?
This weekend Jen and I were planning to go watch Milan Jr’s Robotics competition in Gull Lake. (By the way, South Haven’s Ramageddon team has already qualified for the State competition by winning the Chairman’s Award - the most prestigious award available. GO RAMS!!) This week they would have no doubt done very well against the teams scheduled to be there. We were looking forward to watching them “kick some bot” again! But, we were disappointed to hear that the event has been postponed. Part of me was thinking, “What in the world is going on?! That’s crazy!” How often do we “go crazy” when we get unexpected news?
But soon it hit me, “Now Jen and I can go to the marriage conference together. Cool.” Jen also sent me a post by a professional speaker who has had several of his events cancelled this week - but how he discovered unexpected and beautiful family time as a result. (Read that post here)
We get moving so fast. We are often tempted to despise the interruptions, especially those that are costly. Many people will lose lots of money and other tangible things throughout this ordeal for sure. But faith teaches us to trust. To sit back and relax. To be still...and know that HE is God. Peace is the gift that awaits those who will turn to Jesus when the storms of life hit.
So when the power goes out, reach for a candle and think about the possibilities that have been right there, but hidden behind the busyness and chaos of life. When the snow piles up, think of the book that can be read or the extra time with the kids that can be enjoyed. Don’t miss the opportunities that have been right there. Those of faith know that God redeems ALL THINGS.
And let’s not forget to pray. We can spend so much time dwelling on how all this is affecting OUR lives and OUR plans and forget that there are people who are hurting much more deeply than we can imagine. Some are mourning the loss of a loved one, or are facing financial devastation (as opposed to simply interruption) because of this outbreak. Take some time to pause...reflect...meditate...and pray. God will show you how to respond as part of His redemptive plan instead of becoming an opposition to it.

Keep reading to catch up on what’s happening at LifeBridge.
This Sunday we continue our series to discover God’s plan to enhance our relationships as revealed through His Ten Commandments. Finally this week is an easy one, “Do not murder!” We can all agree on that, right? But before you decide not to come because you have this one all figured out, think again. You might just miss one of the biggest keys to relational wisdom in this whole series. Join us at either 10:00 or 11:30am and bring someone with you.
XO MARRIAGE CONFERENCE - THIS WEEKEND: Great speakers! No travel or lodging costs! Amazing Value! Attend a conference with your friends from LifeBridge and enjoy all the great content and a Hawkshead catered lunch on Saturday. Click here to find information about the conference on the LifeBridge website and Click here to go directly to the registration page.  (Online ticket sales end at noon on Friday but are available at the door)
The youth have spoken - a lock in is coming! All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to join us a we venture to Craig's Cruisers Grand Rapids on Friday, March 20th for a night of unlimited activities, food, and fellowship. We will be gathering with other local youth groups at their annual event. We plan to meet at church at 8pm and return for a pancake breakfast around 5:30am, with student pick up at 6am (Saturday, 3/21). Cost for this event is $30, scholarships are available. You will not want to miss this event! Please contact Erin Mills ([email protected]) or Beth Mann ([email protected]) with questions. (A transportation waiver must be on file for any minor travelling with the group. Please download and return the attached form if one is not already on file for this year.)
Quick Answers: Sharing your faith can be one of the hardest and most intimidating things for a Christian. One of the reasons for this is because many of us have never been trained on how to effectively share our faith. Join leaders, Bruce and Beth Mann on Sunday Mornings at LifeBridge Church, 10:00am for the class: Quick Answers (By Sean McDowell).
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