Life At The Bridge 01-16-2020



We are dedicating the beginning of this year and this decade to checking our vision. When God called us to plant LifeBridge church, He first showed us a community that desperately needed the presence of God. South Haven and the surrounding region is a beautiful place with wonderful people. These are our friends and neighbors and co-workers whom we dearly love. But let’s be honest, there is a lot of pain and suffering here; addiction, abuse, racial division, poverty and broken families are HUGE issues among us. It’s no surprise that we also find a vast majority of the people in this region are not experiencing the life-giving presence and power of Jesus in their lives. Many are surviving day after day with little more than a faint idea that there might be someone or something out there...somewhere.

But God showed us a second vision. What if hundreds of people came together, seeking God with all their hearts (Jeremiah 29:11-13). What if a gathering of people believed with deep faith the words of Jesus who said, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, BUT I have come that they may have ABUNDANT LIFE!” (John 10:10) What if these people became a life-giving force, a bright light in this dark place? What if we were filled with the life-giving presence of Jesus and spread that abundant life in Christ throughout the community like a life-giving virus. 

The enemy has planted a virus that causes death. Jesus came to BE the antidote - like a virus that brings life. What if this life-giving infection moved through this community? What if instead of being rare, this life-giving presence of Jesus SATURATED this community? How would life here be different if the vast majority of people were living in the light and life of Jesus? God is looking for a people who will be faithful and faith-filled to infect this community with the Truth that brings life. 

We believe there are four important steps to this process...four sections to a bridge that we are building to provide people a way to move from death to life. Week one we talked about REACHing people for Jesus. We are a life-saving station because He is a Savior. If you missed that message, please check it out here. Last week we discussed the importance of CONNECTing and being connected to the body of Christ. Click here to catch that one. This week we will discover God’s plan for EMPOWERing His followers for a victorious, rich and satisfying life. Come and worship with us. Be a part of the movement - Sunday at 10:00 and 11:30.

LifeGroup Sign Ups: We have something for everyone. This season we have some exciting new LifeGroup opportunities and many previous groups will continue. Winter is a great time to join a group. There are groups for different times of the week, for different interests and needs, and any group is a great opportunity to meet new people and grow in your faith. We will have sign ups in the church lobby this Sunday, January 19. It’s time to find your group. 

LifeBridge Family Chat:  We are hosting another family chat this Sunday, January 19th. This one will be hosted by our Dream Team and staff. We want to share our plans and ideas for ministry for the coming year to make sure everyone is on the same page. We will also give updates from the last Family Chat. This will be potluck and will take place at about 1:00pm. Everyone who considers LifeBridge their church is welcome.

Some people have asked, “How do we know if church is closed or cancelled due to weather?” Well, our general rule is that unless the police have declared an emergency and closed the roads, LifeBridge will still hold services for those who can make it. Now, if you don’t feel safe coming out in the weather, PLEASE DON’T! If you are serving that day, simply call your team leader and let them know you are not coming in. We will make the adjustments necessary. We know that on a crazy snowy day, we won’t have everyone in their places. But we will be there whether there are 5 or 500. 


Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper, The matter what you call it, this small observance is a huge deal. At LifeBridge we know that for many of you this is an important, weekly reminder of God’s grace. Our Elders have graciously committed to making communion available every Sunday between services (11:10-11:30am). Feel free to step in and partake. Ask a member of our Guest Services team if you need directions to the location.  

Send some love to Peru: In a few weeks we have Lifers going on mission to Peru to help host the annual women’s conference there. They have invited us to help them collect women’s scarves, used prescription glasses and costume jewelry to give away to the women as gifts and beanie animals to give the children when they see the dentist. You can bring the items in to church on Sunday. There will be a collection box in the lobby.

Beyond our bridges:

Please join us at the fourth annual South Haven March for Life - Held on the same day as the Washington DC march this year. In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion-on-demand. Over 61 million lives have been lost in the last 47 years due to that decision. Ending abortion and promoting a culture of life is why we march each year. If you’ve never marched before we hope you will join us for the event and for all those who have we ask you to join us again and bring a friend.

Together we can achieve a world where the beauty and dignity of every human life are valued and protected. We have a number of signs available to carry that support our effort or you may bring your own. Please remember to DRESS WARM.

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