Life At The Bridge 01-03-2020


How is your vision? Have you had it checked lately?

A few years back, I finally went to the eye doctor. When I turned 40, I began to notice that I wasn’t able to make out some of the fine print that had never been a problem before. By the time I reached 44, I began to realize that my eyes were often tired. I couldn’t read books in places that weren’t well lit. And people started making fun of me...for holding things at arms length so I could read them. Yep, it happens to most of us. Our vision goes bad over time.
If you are like me, it is just better to ignore these things...right? Of course not. But we do. I finally went to the doctor. They prescribed me some reading glasses. And now I hold things like restaurant menus at arms length because my reading glasses are at home. By the way, why do you pay extra for restaurants with poor lighting where you can’t read their menu?

In the Kingdom of God, when our vision gets bad, people go to Hell. It is no small deal. So at the risk of being terribly cliche, I am launching a new series this Sunday called “20/20 in 2020”. I don’t want to enter 2020, a new year and a new decade, with faulty vision. God called us together because God wants to do something very specific and very powerful in this community. Heaven forbid we lose sight of why we’re truly here and miss out on all that God has for us. Please join us this Sunday as we launch this “insightful” new series.

Heads up: This Sunday we will provide childcare for children 0-4 years, but no Bridge Kids programs. Our Bridge Kids team will be meeting during the 10:00am service to gear up for a Bridge Kids re-launch NEXT SUNDAY! Kids are welcome in the main service with the rest of us.

Here are a few things to make sure you put on your calendar:

LifeGroup Sign Ups: We have something for everyone. This coming season we have a few new LifeGroups forming and many from before will continue. Winter is a great time to join a group. There are groups for different times of the week, for different interests and needs, and any group is a great opportunity to meet new people and grow in your faith. We will have sign ups in the church lobby on Sundays January 12 and 19. Keep your eyes open for more details.

LifeBridge Family Chat: Back in October, we had a family chat, led by our Trustees, to give the LifeBridge family an update on our finances and to give people an opportunity to ask questions. I don’t know if it was the potluck or the program, but it was a huge success. We had a great turn out and MANY people shared how helpful it was. Well, we would like to host another family chat on Sunday, January 19th. This one will be hosted by our Dream Team and staff. We want to share our plans and ideas for ministry for the coming year to make sure everyone is on the same page. This will also be potluck and will take place at about 1:00pm. If you are a LifeBridge Partner, or consider yourself part of the LifeBridge family please make plans to join us.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: I don’t know about you, but I want to get ready for the new year. There is nothing more important than prayer to prepare me as a person and us as a body of believers. I hope you will join us here at the beginning of 2020. Let’s prepare for a year of blessing. Saturdays, 8am at the church.  

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