Life At The Bridge 10-31-2019

Are you an eye? Maybe a foot? How about an ear or an elbow?
The Apostle Paul describes the gathering of God’s people like a human body. Weird, right? Unless you read I Corinthians 12:12-31. We are also compared to a temple, a family, an army and even a bride. Huh? So what is it? For some, the church almost seems to be more important than Jesus himself. Others condemn any organized religion and swear they don’t need a church at all. And yet others view church like a show to attend, kind of like the movies - if I’m free and I think it’ll be good, I go. No big deal either way.
So what exactly is the church? What is God’s plan for the church? What is my role in the church and what is the church’s role in my life? Is it even that big of a deal? 
This Sunday we will conclude our BEDROCK series by tackling that issue and those questions. To prepare, you can do your own digging in Matthew 16:13-19, Acts 2:42-47, I Corinthians 12:12-31 and Ephesians 4:11-13. I’ve got more exciting insights to share this Sunday. Bring a friend and join us for an inspiring time of worship - 8:30, 10:00 or 11:30am 
  By the way, if you have gone to the website in the last few weeks to watch one of the messages there, you may have found that the last three weeks were unavailable. We are so sorry about that. Just a glitch in our system. You can go there ( and find them now.

Please join us this Saturday at The Living Room for prayer at 8:00am. God invites us to intercede on behalf of our community, our nation and our church. He wants to meet with us, will we seek Him? This is where we will find the power and presence of God. 

Can you feel it? The ripple is coming. Next weekend (November 9-10) is our Ripple Effect Missions Conference. We want you to meet our mission partners, hear their stories, catch their vision and the return the favor as we love on them and fill their love tank. Check out the schedule of events below so you can prepare to engage.
Saturday 11/9
8am              Prayer @ LifeBridge
10am             Open House @ Hope Parent Resource Center/Teen Hope (901 S. Bailey Ave)
5:30pm         Marketplace Open (at the church)
6pm              Worship Service (Amazon Outreach and Sunshine Kids Club)
Sunday 11/10
8am              Marketplace Open
8:30am         Worship Service (WeCare and NBS2Go)
10am             Worship Service (Truth and Teen Hope)
11:30am        Worship Service (Grace; Trips and Serve SoHa)
5pm              Conference Dinner 

Faith has to have a starting point. Got too many questions to know where to start? This class is for those at the beginning...or who are coming back to the beginning of their faith journey. Starting Point Class beginning THIS Sunday, November 3rd during the 10:00 Worship Experience. Reply to this email if you have questions. For more detail, click here to view the trailer.
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