Life at the Bridge 10-10-19

Life At The Bridge is one tool we use to communicate. Our Sunday morning experience is another. We have a website, a Facebook page and all kinds of ways to share our thoughts and ideas with you. In this fast paced world, it can seem easier to try and get all our info in byte sized chunks. But sometimes...we just need to sit down and have a chat.
This is one of those times where one way communication isn’t enough. We (theTrustees and leadership of LifeBridge) want to share some important information with you about the health of our church. But we also want to hear from you. We want to entertain your questions and make sure we are all on the same page. So if you consider LifeBridge your church family...if you are concerned about the future of OUR church...we hope you will make it a priority to join us for this important Family Chat.
This Sunday, October 13th, we will meet after third service for a potluck lunch at 1:00pm in the auditorium at the church. Please bring your favorite dish to share. You may bring a meat, a veggie/fruit, a casserole, a dessert...or you can just grab something from Walmart. It's all good. We will provide the water and the table service. We will get the meeting going as soon as everyone has had a chance to get their food. And during that time we will give you opportunities to ask questions you may have about the information we share or about the operations of LifeBridge itself.  
Our goal is to make this time as comfortable as possible, and our hope is for clarity, unity and a feeling of deeper connection to LifeBridge. We hope to see you for lunch.
By the way, CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED. If you cannot make other arrangements, we will have qualified people to care for your children during the meeting.  

Join us this Sunday for week three of our BEDROCK series. Last week we explored what the scriptures teach us about who we are. If you missed that message, click here to catch up online. It seems that in our culture there are all kinds of opinions about who Jesus is and what His life was really all about. It’s amazing how we can draw all kinds of conclusions from all kinds of people without actually consulting those who knew Him best. This weekend we will explore the question, Who is Jesus? If you want to spend some time preparing, you might read John 1. Services are at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am. BRING A FRIEND!

FINALLY...IT’S DONE! We have needed a new website for years. Maybe you have quit going to our old, chaotic looking website. Maybe, like me, you’ve even been too embarrassed to send a friend to the website for fear it would give them a bad impression of the church. Yeah, it was that bad. But thanks to the hard work of Dan Henriquez, Angel Jacobsen and a few others, our new website is ready for visitors. Go to and check it out. And let us know what you think.  (PS. We are still doing some tweaking - especially how it appears if you are viewing it on a phone. Thanks for your patience.)

Thanks for your partnership in this ministry and in the mission to extend the hope of a rich and satisfying life in Jesus Christ to every person in South Haven and the surrounding areas. Have a great week! See you soon.
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