Life At The Bridge 10-04-19

It’s always nice to hear a “thank you”. It’s great knowing that what you did made a difference to someone, it was a blessing, and God used it. I want to share this letter we received in the mail this week that can be enjoyed by the whole LifeBridge family:

Dear SERVE SoHa,
It is our hope that all of your SERVE SoHa mission teams know of the appreciation and impact that they  had on Sunday, September 22nd. Thank you does not quite express the value and impact that all of your efforts have had for our residents. Residents in our apartments as well as the families that were chosen from our Family Home program have had nothing but praise and appreciation for all of the time, energy, positivity, openness and generosity that was experienced.
Spirits were lifted, homes were refreshed, and a sense of community has planted a new seed. Thank you so very much for choosing the South Haven Housing Commission for your inaugural SERVE SoHa mission.
All the best,
John G.

Thanks to John and the Housing Commission for serving these residents all the time and for paving the way for us to partner with you. Keep up the great work!

I also want to pass on a special “Thanks!” to Greg and Theressa Ruppert of Hawkshead and Jay and Julia Marcoux of Kitchen 527 for their stellar job of providing lunches to all of our SERVE SoHa work crews. What’s really cool is that they are friendly  “competitors” in the marketplace, and partners when brought together for a Kingdom cause. Those attitudes speak volumes to a world that rarely sees selflessness in action. Thanks for lunch...and for being a GREAT example!!

As we have said many times before, SERVE SoHa was not intended to be an event. Our hope is that it has been a launching pad for a new way of seeing our community and sharing the light and life of Christ as we love and serve everywhere we go. Help us keep the spirit of SERVE SoHa alive and well every day.

Join us this Sunday for week two of our BEDROCK series. Last week we explored what the scriptures teach us about Who God Is. Daunting task, but we were able to at least open the door on the subject. If you missed that message, click here to catch up online. Even in this "age of enlightenment", it seems we as a society are more and more confused about what it means to be human each day. This weekend we will explore the question, Who Are You? If we don’t know our starting point, how can we figure out how to move forward? Services are at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am. BRING A FRIEND!

Mark Your Calendar: Sunday, October 13, 1:00pm at the church!
Hey Lifers, let's have a church family chat. There are some things we (the Elders and Trustees) want to share with you about the condition of our church. It is mainly an informational meeting that will also include a time for you to ask questions. We are concerned that there are many who are either out of the loop, or have questions. This will give us an opportunity to communicate clearly to those who make up the church. If you consider LifeBridge your church family and are concerned about the health and future of our church, we hope you will make it a priority to join us.

Are you looking for a place where your time, energy and talents can be multiplied to make a difference in the world? Consider serving in Bridge Kids where children have the opportunity to meet Jesus and learn to follow Him - changing the trajectory of their lives for an eternity. Imagine inspiring hope, instilling the love of God and encouraging young people to choose a life course that helps them avoid the painful pitfalls of a life without Jesus. If you are interested in joining this team, please reply to this message or email our Children’s Ministry Director, Becky Steiner at [email protected]. We have brand new, beautiful ministry spaces for kids that are just waiting for team members to staff them.

2019 Ripple Effect Missions Conference: Deep Wells is coming very soon. Maybe you are asking yourself, “what is Ripple Effect, anyway?” Well, I will tell you! The Ripple Effect Conference is a weekend set aside to celebrate all that has happened in ministry with and because of our ministry partners. It’s our chance to love on these people, to encourage them, and hopefully then send them out refreshed and ready for battle for another year! We worship together, pray together and gather to give back together. This year the sub theme is Deep Wells and we are excited to hear stories of the impact that deep and lasting connection has on their ministry.
Tickets for the banquet (Nov. 10 at 5pm), will go on sale starting Oct. 6 in the lobby. Tickets are only required for the banquet portion of the weekend and go to help off set the cost of the dinner which is provided by Taste! $15 each.
Did you know you can now fill out a connection card and submit prayer requests online? This means you can communicate with us even when you are not able to be at church. With CCB, you can fill out and submit a simple form. And when you do so through your own profile, you don’t have to fill in all the info like name, address and phone number. It’s simple, quick and always available. Go ahead. Give it a quick try. Click here, then click “forms”.  :) Hey, if you haven’t already, please go into your profile, update anything that needs updating and upload a picture. We want to see your beautiful self.

Now, have a BEAUTIFUL Friday. We hope to see you soon. :) 

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