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Reopening Plan
Let's Gather Together



*Online worship will continue to be offered each and every Sunday, but for those who are ready to return to in-person worship, check back here to be updated on our projected re-opening date for public worship.

Summary of Safety Measures

Here is a summary of the measures that LBC is taking to ensure that your visit is as safe as possible. These will change over time according to COVID-19 trends and best-practice recommendations.

Keeping The Flow

Signage will be used throughout building to control and direct traffic flow in hallways, maintain social distancing, and limit the use of restrooms to two persons at a time. 

Be Our Guest

Tables will be manned by Guest Services at the main entrance for your safety and convenience.

Our Doors Will Be Open

Exterior and interior doors (where applicable) will be propped open so that people don’t need to touch a door. 

Auditorium Enhancements

In the auditorium, chairs have been reset to accommodate safer spacing  and canisters of pre-moistened disinfecting wipes are strategically placed for access by volunteers and staff to wipe down areas between services.

Chair Care

Chairs will be fogged with a disinfecting mist before and after Sunday Services.

Sanitary Stationary

All books, papers, and pens have been removed from sanctuary and auditorium. No printed bulletins will be available.

B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Coffee)

The café will be temporarily closed at this time.

Family Worship

Families (including young children) are welcome to worship together.

Important Information

Guest Services and Bridge Kids Serving Team Members Needed 
As we return, some of our team members may not be ready to return, we will need more and more volunteers to assist with overseeing safety measures, greeting/serving guests, and directing interior traffic flow on Sunday mornings. Please consider joining our team and email us at [email protected] if you would like to join the team.  

Projected Re-opening Is Sunday, July 26 
We will continue social distancing and encourage (but will not require) the wearing of masks. Families are welcome, but no childcare will be offered for preschool or nursery.
Lifers are encouraged to practice personal responsibility and safety by wearing face masks, and not shaking hands, hugging, or lingering for conversations in the hallways. We will provide space outdoors for fellowship.

Who Should Stay Home? 
If you have been in contact with infected persons, or have experienced symptoms that may be COVID-19 related, or are medically vulnerable due to underlying health issues, please stay safely at home and continue to worship online. These include:
· Cough
· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
· Chills
· Muscle pain
· Headache
· Sore throat
· Loss of taste or smell
· Intestinal issues
· Fever 100.0 degrees or higher
· Known close contact with a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19
Please follow the directions of the parking team who will have a parking strategy designed for safety and efficiency.
Sanitation stations (containing masks and hand sanitizer) will be located at the main entrances, and will be manned by volunteers. Wearing a mask is about protecting those around you, so, if you are able, please show love to your neighbor by complying with recommended behaviors.

Service Times
When we re-open, we will host services at 9:01 and 11:01 am on Sunday mornings. We understand that many will not be ready to return at that time for any number of reasons. We will do our best to live stream the 11:01 experience so those staying home will still be able to engage online.  

Bridge Kids
We will begin with programming on Sunday mornings during the 9:01 and 11:01 services for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Over time we will add programming for preschool, and then nursery. Families with children 0-preschool will be invited to bring their children with them into the adult service.  Parents of preschoolers or nursery aged children may bring them to the Bridge Kids for supervision, as they serve.

Singing is an important part of worship, but in the current situation, it also presents one of the greatest risks. For the time being, the band will sing, but we are asking the congregation to make music in their hearts. We respectfully ask you to hum along or simply close your eyes and worship in your heart.  

Your Cooperation is Much Appreciated
This crisis has caused many changes and most of them are seen as inconveniences. But love goes deeper than disappointments and inconveniences. We are ALL having to make compromises to serve one another. Loving and serving require sacrifice and we have an opportunity to honor God and demonstrate His love to the world by the ways we respond. Jesus embraced sacrifice. To follow Him means we will also embrace sacrifice for the sake of the mission and the people He loves.  

Join a House Party

Find the perfect party to share friendship, fellowship and Jesus


Below are our Hosts. Included are their email and phone number. If you want to join a particular Host, please call/text/email them to confirm your spot(s).


Be sure to give your name(each family member that plans to attend) and the best way (text/phone/email)and time to connect with you.


We have also included if they are interested in including children ,if they have pets and their preference for wearing masks, or not.

Dates of Gatherings

We are beginning House Parties on June 28,2020 (for at least 4 weeks). Please call your Host early in the week to let them know you are coming.

Prince & Leta Covington

[email protected] 

South Haven area
Have a dog
Children are welcome
Mask is required
5-10 people

Marga & Mathias DeJongh

[email protected] 

South Haven area
Have dog & cat
Children are welcome
No mask required
16-20 people

Tanya & James Ebert

 [email protected] 

North of Glenn
Have a dog
No mask required
5-10 people

Lucie & Holger Jerch

[email protected] 

South Haven area
No mask required
11-15 people

Chrissy Hammond & James Smith
 [email protected]

Have 2 dogs
Children welcome
No mask required
16-20 people

Nate & Alicia Hutchins
[email protected]

Have a dog
Children welcome
No mask required
11-15 people

Angel Jacobsen
[email protected]

Grand Junction
Have a dog
No mask required
5-10 people

Tom & Pam Kerr 248-760-2039 [email protected]

No mask required
5-10 people

Stacy Niles
[email protected]

South Haven
Children welcome
Mask is required
5-10 people.
*this Party will not begin until July 5

Dave & Karen Stowers 269-313-3824 [email protected]

North of Coloma
No mask required
16-20 people

Further Information

 Please be mindful of entering the Host’s home. They are presenting as a “safe/Covid Free” place and we want typical precautions taken. Please, if anyone is not feeling well, stay away for that week. Ask if you need to bring a chair or your own beverage.

The plan for the meeting is to 1. View the service. 2. Briefly discuss the message. 3. Share joys and concerns of your family with the group. 4. Pray together. If the group decides to add to this basic plan, that is up to each individual group. (ie. additional socializing, food)

If you need help or have questions, please reach out to us. Hopefully, we can assist in the process.

We are excited to move closer to getting back together. We proceed carefully and are glad you are joining us.
Thank you,
Terry and Linda Roose
[email protected]      419/508-3550