Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We are PASSIONATE about reaching our community for Christ. But we know that the love of God extends to the ends of the earth and as followers of Jesus, ours should too. At LifeBridge we have decided to partner with other like-minded individuals and ministries to create bridges over which our resources and relationships can extend the hope we have to others. Our goal is not simply to help fund other works, but to partner with them. 

Join the mission

Mission teams are now forming for trips to Peru, Haiti and Nepal.
Please contact Lucie Jerch by e-mail at [email protected]

SERVING South Haven and beyond

Join us as we GO out into our community and BE the hands and feet of Jesus by serving South Haven. Check back for updates on how YOU can get involved!

Local Mission Partners

We Care INC.

When someone is in need, We Care is there to help. Their goal is to imitate the life and teachings of Jesus by offering love, compassion and help to all. We Care coordinates local pantries,  church ministries, human-service agencies, community organizations, support groups, and other resources in the South Haven area, 


The H.O.P.E. Parent Resource Center is dedicated to serving young parents and children in the South Haven and surrounding area. Programs focus on providing support, assistance and education for young and soon-to-be parents.

Regional Mission Partners

Truth Skate Church

Kyle Brush reaches young people from the platform of a skateboard. Truth Skate Church is an indoor skate park open to all and located at 1301 M43 Highway
South Haven. Click below for more info and hours. 

Neighborhood Bible Study To Go

Creating tools and resources to help Christ-followers lead life-giving Bible studies and share the life of Christ through the word of God with their neighbors all over the world.  

International Mission Partners

Shawna Jerch

Shawna has been pursuing her call to reach the people of Nepal for several years. Just this past year she completed her training at Go To Nations in Thailand. She recently moved to Nepal to begin her work there.

Grace Children's Hospital - Haiti

Grace Children’s Hospital, founded in 1967, is recognized as Haiti’s leading medical facility dedicated to the treatment of children with tuberculosis (TB). Each year, the hospital receives thousands of children who are suffering from TB, HIV, and other diseases.

Amazon Outreach / MEPI

Amazon Outreach has been planting churches, discipling believers and raising up leaders in the jungles of Peru for more than 50 years. MEPI is the school that trains pastors and Christian leaders for ministry to expand the Kingdom work in the Amazon river basin.